Webinar On-Demand | Webinar with Fosway Group: Mission Critical! How to Enable Your Organization to Win at Reskilling


  • Jennifer Rogers, Head of Learning at RPM Living
  • David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group
  • Stephan Pineau, CEO at Training Orchestra

Skills training is business-critical for many learning organizations today and there’s a big need do it well. But in the skills conversation, we don’t often go beyond the learner to strategically address how to enable our teams get the job done faster, on-budget and with less headache. So, just how can we optimize and better organize the execution?

Discussion topics include:

  1. Key highlights from Fosway’s latest report, The Reskilling Revolution
  2. Why skills enablement must be addressed now
  3. Solutions and tools that can help you succeed
  4. How RPM Living is optimizing and organizing their skills training for a rapidly growing workforce

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Fosway Group
Fosway Group is Europe’s #1 HR industry Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning. Founded in 1996, they are known for our unique European research, independence and integrity. For over 20 years, Fosway Group has been analysing the realities of the market, and providing insights on the future of HR, Talent and Learning. Fosway analysts work extensively with our corporate clients to understand the inside story of the challenges they are facing, and their real experiences with next gen strategies, systems and suppliers. Their independent vendor analysis also provides a vital resource when making decisions on innovation and technology.

RPM Living

RPM Living is a full-service multifamily management company offering an innovative and personalized approach to real estate services. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, RPM is the #7 Property Management Company on the NMHC Top 50 Manager.

Training Orchestra
Training Orchestra is a training scheduling and management system to automate and optimize Instructor-Led Training (ILT & vILT) operations and maximizes training revenue — helping organizations gain control over their training operations and, “Train More with Less!”