WFS cas clientA Unique System to Manage the Training of Employees and Third Parties

About Worldwide Flight Services: Serving 300+ airlines, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is a global leader in the field of cargo and ground handling and maintenance. The company strives to exceed its customers’ expectations and to ensure top-quality and secure services.

  • 100  worldwide
  • 10,000  employees
  • $750M  annual revenue

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Increased Demand for Training

The Aviation Industry is expected to grow for many years to come and regulatory oversight is increasing. This, combined with complex regulatory requirements and the constant need to replace retiring skilled employees, creates the need for a robust system to ensure adequate training and certifications. The effort to develop and maintain the qualifications for several thousand technicians working in such a demanding industry requires strong training management capabilities.

As a world leader in airport and ground services, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) has to train not only its employees but also its customers, partners, and suppliers. To accomplish this, WFS has created Airport College, now WFS Academy.


With over 100,000 training hours every year, WFS and WFS Academy have to maintain rigorous record-keeping of certifications and renewals. To guarantee the return on investment of their training efforts, both entities needed to track costs, optimize resources, and establish precise planning.

The main objectives in unifying their training activities were to:

  • Simplify and secure the certification and re-certification process.
  • Anticipate and meet the specific regulatory requirements of the industry.
  • Increase collaboration between WFS human resources and Airport College.
  • Organize a shared training center that consolidates all corporate resources.
  • Increase the sales and profitability of their training activities.

WFS and WFS Academy chose Training Orchestra’s unified Training Resource Management System (TRMS) to consolidate and drive their training activities.

The Solution: Training Orchestra

WFS and WFS Academy found a response to their needs in Training Orchestra’s TRMS for Extended Enterprise which includes the following enhanced features:

  • Alerts on certification expiration dates and renewal deadlines
  • Graphic overview of all training schedules and forecasts
  • A dedicated scheduling tool to manage available resources
  • Secured and individual trainee and manager portals
  • Real-time business indicators via automated reporting

Training Orchestra’s software proved to be perfectly adapted to the highly regulated
and complex aviation industry.


Once implemented, Training Orchestra’s training management software immediately paid off by improving customer service and profitability. WFS and WFS Academy were able to:

  • Define and track enterprise-wide KPIs and reporting. Detailed corporate reports
    based on common shared data, dramatically improving visibility.
  • Enhance and secure business cycle. Improved sales processes through better tracking of clients, certifications, and leads, and significantly fewer delinquent invoices.
  • Optimize training activities and resources. The planning of training professionals, teaching assets, and venue availability has been enhanced allowing for higher occupancy rates and load ratios.
  • Focus on strategic business development. The automation of low-value tasks helps training professionals save time, gain efficiency, and adapt their training offers to increase customer acquisition and loyalty.
  • Improve communication and increase satisfaction. Training Orchestra enables
    direct access to dedicated features for all training participants.

“In our heavily regulated industry, we need to ensure full compliance with every new authority requirement. We chose Training Orchestra’s solution because it is adapted to our industry-specific needs and allows us to unify the training of clients, partners, and employees in a single solution.” –Sophie Armengaud, WFS Academy Managing Director

About WFS Academy 

WFS Academy has been created to address the permanent need for training in a quickly evolving and strongly regulated industry. The international in-house training school provides training not only to all WFS employees but also to business partners and external players in the airport industry.

  • 12,000  trainees
  • 100,000  training hours
  • 10,000  certifications and renewal

“WFS and WFS Academy both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements” -Emilio Fernandez, WFS Executive Vice President

Learn more about how our airline training management system can perfectly adapt to the highly regulated and complex aviation industry.

About Training Orchestra

Training Orchestra helps learning professionals optimize the performance of their operation while maximizing their training investment. As a leading Training Resource Management System (TRMS) with more than 500 satisfied clients worldwide, Training Orchestra supports the entire training process from planning and budgeting, scheduling and logistics, to sales and reporting. The integrated solution empowers teams to collaborate effortlessly, enabling L&D Departments and Training Companies to Train More with Less.

To find out more about how Training Orchestra can become your best partner in optimizing training operations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts or, request a demo. We can help you tackle your goals!