Take greater control over your critical tasks with a safety training management system tailored to your purpose-driven goals.

Whether you’re a safety training provider or manage health and safety training for your organization, the work you’re doing matters. But, you may be juggling too many tasks at once, leading to an unmanageable workload. Overseeing training and compliance needs of critical industries enhances the demand for a solution that makes your workload more manageable and error free, so you can spend more time on what matters most for your organization. From scheduling in-person or virtual health and safety training sessions, to booking instructors, and ensuring compliance and tracking certifications — XLS and Outlook simply aren’t getting the job done. A simpler way to manage your safety training is right within reach: Training Orchestra’s Safety Training Tracking Software.

With the ability to integrate with your LMS and other critical technologies, your training management process will be as streamlined as possible. We’re combining our experience with top safety training providers and over 600 satisfied clients worldwide to bring you an intelligent and collaborative solution designed for any level of need. Training Orchestra’s Safety Training Management System simply does more. It’s time to advance the way you manage your health and safety training: course and instructor scheduling, resources and equipment management, ensuring compliance, cost management, and reporting.

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Safety Training Tracking Software: A more dynamic, collaborative way to manage, track, and sell mission-critical training 

Enhanced Collaboration and

Real-Time Task Management


Seamlessly on all tasks and to-do lists in one platform with real-time updates to keep everyone in line with your goals


Compliance, track certifications, and make sure your team stays on track with critical health and safety requirements


Task management by quickly sending out requests and live updates to get things done more efficiently


Valuable time by automating administrative processes such as the production of documents, sending invitations, and updating certifications

Streamlined, Error-Free



Training scheduling into a breeze with graphical drag-and-drop agendas, instantly updated across all terminals


Errors and conflicts with automatic tracking of session status, instructors, and resources with live indicators and custom color codes


The perfect schedule with your goals, team, and preferences in mind every time


All calendars for any type of safety training and industry to ensure compliance with HR mandates and other legal requirements

Control Costs and 

Maximize Revenue


Your entire sales cycle from order to invoice, in just a few steps, making it easier to provide critical training


Customized pricing and make your safety training products and services even more important


All pending, invoiced, and paid fees with real-time alerts and monitoring


Costs by monitoring your training services with live profitability indicators

Dynamic Budget Management and

Reporting for Better Business Decisions


Ready-to-go, customized reports to share with your instructors, team members, management, or anyone else involved in compliance


Your daily operations with a consolidated view of your budget in multiple time zones and currencies tailored to your preferences  


Your data and reporting  securely in one place to show the results you need to make better business decisions


And improve your budget and performance for all safety training goals to help your organization stay on track

Why Training Orchestra’s Health and Safety Training Management System?

Grow and Innovate

Growth and innovation are at the core: our R&D teams are constantly working on improvements to our solutions so we can help your organization meet your mission-critical goals

Global and Flexible Support 

With offices worldwide, we bring 24/7 worldwide training management support with your needs in mind, when your team needs it most

Safety Training Management Experience

With over 20 years of experience, we leverage best practices from over 600 customers worldwide with experience with health and safety training providers and all levels of need

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