Schedule Training, Manage Budgets, and Assign Qualified Instructors

Administrative work is never fun. Especially if you’re a training company poised at growing their book of business.

How did managing the functions of an L&D operation become one of the most tedious jobs in the learning industry? The massive amounts of spreadsheets. Between scheduling instructor-led training online and in-person, managing multiple training budgets, and selecting the right trainer to do the job for hundreds of sessions, it’s been a never ending job for L&D specialists.

The result? Inefficient workflows, hasty training delivery, and missed business opportunities for your team. Until now. 

Training Orchestra is a comprehensive and full-suite training management system (TMS) designed to meet the needs for training solutions providers that are responsible for the L&D for hundreds of learners a year. Across multiple clients and dozens of individual training programs, we give you the tools you need to schedule, select, and manage your training operation fast and efficiently so you can grow your business.

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course scheduling system for training companies

Manage Training Operations Efficiently with a TMS

The goal of any training company is to prove the ROI of their training programs and sell training to new and existing clients. Training providers typically find themselves in a frustrating situation where they’re spending more time organizing training than they are growing their book of business. When L&D professionals spend more time managing courses and instructors than they need to, it’s a missed opportunity for new business. 


Course Scheduling System for Training Companies

Spend more time delivering training sessions as opposed to dealing with spreadsheets and paperwork. Training Orchestra makes scheduling courses and assigning instructors easier than ever so you can focus on growing your book of clients.

tms scheduling

Schedule Courses & Sessions

No more cross-referencing spreadsheets to schedule trainers to the right courses. Course scheduling made easy let’s you schedule timeslots for instructors and session dates and more, all in a few clicks.

tms track delegation

Task Management

Stay on top of project tasks for your L&D team. Checklists and timelines allow your team to make sure you have everything you need for every training course.

tms licenses and certification

Manage Certifications

Award certifications for training program completion for your learners. Better yet, ensure learners are up to date on their certifications so you and your team know when they’re ready for renewal.

tms engagement portal

Instructor Engagement Portal

Select your trainers for courses utilizing instructor-led training. Whether you train in-person or online, filter out qualified subject matter experts in a matter of clicks with filters ranging from availability to years of experience.

Schedule Training Faster, Better, and more Efficiently Today!

Training companies and learning solutions providers spend too much time in spreadsheets. We’re here to fix that.

  • Plan, organize, and schedule training for clients requiring regular high-volumes learning sessions annually.
  • Spend more time delivering quality learning experiences as opposed to cross referencing multiple spreadsheets.
  • Implement L&D to your training company’s philosophy: Combine instructor-led training and eLearning with ease and more!
  • Real time data analytics and reporting helps you direct your L&D operations towards learner achievement

Explore how Training Orchestra can boost your training company’s scheduling and learning operations today!

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