A comprehensive Seminar Management System to automate your company’s seminar administration.

Training Orchestra’s Seminar Management System offers a flexible solution to streamline your seminars and other training activities. Automating administrative processes and enabling real-time monitoring from a single and powerful platform, Training Orchestra helps companies eliminate manual and disconnected tools in order to increase efficiency and profitability. Track your upcoming seminars, trainers, presenters, reporting and more—all from one system. Available in the cloud or on premise, Training Orchestra’s Seminar Management System Software lets you benefit from best practices from over 600 satisfied clients.

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Seminar Management System Software: Track your seminar activities, your way.

Seminar Scheduling, Logistics and Resource Optimization


Your seminar scheduling, activities and resources in one place: venues, instructors, equipment…


Easily with seminar presenters and trainers with a collaborative instructor portal


Real-time alerts on conflicts and track session status through custom color-codes


Your whole seminar training activity in one place and monitor occupancy rates to optimize every event

Monitor Seminar Activities in Real-Time


The perfect seminar schedule with a graphical drag-and-drop agenda, instantly updated across all terminals


Presenters, venues, equipment, and monitor session filling rates to optimize every event


Registration, broadcast information in seconds to all presenters, and track processes completion with personalized to-do lists 


Edit and store administrative documents, updated across all terminals

Cost Control and Revenue Maximization


Your whole seminar management cycle


When fees are pending, invoiced and paid, and set up notifications


Many types of seminars with a comprehensive seminar management system


All seminar activities in real time with live profitability indicators

Comprehensive Reporting for All Seminars


Ready-to-go reports for your presenters and teammates in minutes


Key KPIs and top priorities in real time through personalized dashboards


Share internal data securely through a unified repository


Calendar appointments, alerts, reminders and more so that all presenters stay on track

Why Training Orchestra’s Seminar Management System?


We bring the flexibility and support to adapt to your activity and grow with your needs


Innovation is part of our DNA: our R&D teams constantly work on innovations natively integrated in our solutions

Proven Seminar Management SOFTWARE

We leverage the best practices from over 600 customers

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