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No matter the scope or size of your training operation, Training Orchestra is ready to fine-tune how you deliver quality learning experiences.

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Training Company Solutions

Streamline your training company’s administrative tasks so you can focus on delivering the best learning experience for your clients.

Designed to replace spreadsheets, Training Orchestra’s comprehensive training management system (TMS) software lets you easily manage course sessions, instructor schedules, and resource planning all in one dashboard.

As the control center of your training operation, Training Orchestra enables you and your back-office team easy management of all essential training business operation.

With Training Orchestra, any training company can:

  • Eliminate spreadsheet use for course enrollment and instructor scheduling with our graphical course scheduling tool to easily match the perfect trainer to any session.
  • Track and manage course activity – from measuring session occupancy to delegating materials to instructors.
  • Track session status and occupancy quickly with our color coded and live indicators.

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Internal Training Solutions

Train Internal Employees to Reach Your Business Goals

Whether an extension of a human resources team or a dedicated department within an organization, Learning & Development teams play a critical role in making sure that all employees are skilled to meet the needs of their job and to keep their professional expertise up to date.

Training Orchestra allows training managers and other key L&D team members to plan, organize, and maintain learning programs on all areas including:

  • Instructor-led training management: schedule live training sessions in-person (ILT) or online (vILT)
  • Instructor & Trainer coordination: assign trainers and subject-matter experts to courses.
  • Reporting and Analytics: measure the performance of your learning operation in-real time and get insights on how to optimize training delivery.

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Extended Enterprise Training

Maintain loyalty within your greater network of vendors and suppliers.

Selling a quality product is only half the equation for building a strong business. Ensure your network of suppliers, distributors, and product specialists are knowledgeable to provide excellent service.

Training Orchestra TMS equips extended enterprise training operations with the tools they need to organize training sessions for third-party providers utilizing their product.

With Training Orchestra you can:

  • Schedule in-person and virtual courses for partners utilizing your product or service.
  • Ensure geographical distribution of your training resources so you have an expert in your product all the time.

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Provide Expert Know-How from the Source

Provide the best hands-on training to customers utilizing your product.

Along with extended enterprise training, providing quality customer training on your product is a must for any business looking to keep a loyal customer base.

From providing one-time technical support courses to developing a complete customer education program, ensure you’re providing the best training that no third-party company can give.

  • Schedule and manage in-person and virtual course customers on a needed basis or after they’ve purchased your service/product.
  • Plan individual courses based on competency level and even develop certifications for your customers.

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Skill Your Team for Industry and State Regulations

Prepare members in your association for onboarding training and continued learning in your field.

  • Prepare association members to get ready for required training set by industry regulations, state laws, or training standards set by your governing bodies.

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Train Your Business Partners for Success

Improve Partnerships with Cross-Functional Training

Ensure you and your business partners are on the same page when it comes to your strategy. Plan private or public training courses for select partners in your network.

Enable easy compatibility between partner APIs with two-integration. Connect your company’s current training management system and your partner’s learning management system (LMS) so there’s no complication in rolling out an easy learning experience.

  • Communicate and schedule learning sessions with partner attendees on one platform.
  • Track and view training performance and proficiency throughout your joint training sessions.

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Monitor Your Sales Cycle

Strengthen Your Sales Team to Close Deals

Gaining leads and closing sales is never an easy feat. By enacting a sales enablement training program, companies can equip their business development personnel with the right tools and tactics to look for promising clients to add to you book of clients.

  • Train business development and sales development personnel on product infoformation, prospect research, and closing tactics.
  • Schedule face to face training online or instructor-led training in-person to ensure you search, connect, and close.

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Closed Courses to Train Members

Deliver Exclusive Training for Members Only

Maximize member engagement and skills proficiency by providing exclusive private courses to members of your association. Establish a closed enrollment environment for select personnel within a group of learners.

What’s even better? Training Orchestra allows you to manage closed courses for your members on the same platform as you would for open training sessions. That way you’re not switching between different documents to get the right instructor for your members’ sessions!

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Outsourced Training Solutions

Streamline Your Outsourced Learning Operation

The increase of companies scaling their training operations has created growing opportunities for managed learning service providers to shine. As an external training provider, however, it’s critical that you give your client’s learners the most flawless course delivery possible so your clients continue to utilize your service.

Designed to handle the day-to-day operations that go into outsourced learning administration, Training Orchestra gives you the features you need to manage training delivery with more accountability and efficiency.

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Your training operation is vital to your company’s success. That’s why we are continuously searching for excellence, inventing new ways to make our TMS technology efficient, and collaborative.


We invest more than 40% of our revenue in R&D. Our teams have extensive experience in the training industry, and understand both your functional and technical requirements.


We learn from you, by organizing multiple user clubs to listen to your needs and leveraging our clients’ experience to bring you best practices from all over the world.


We provide frequent new versions integrating your feedback, on which you are immediately migrated free of charge and trained by our support team.


We follow strict quality processes to deliver the most stable training management solution, integrating advanced features to optimize your activity.


You can easily configure our training management software to fit your business processes, organizational structure, and goals. Because we provide a standard system, all configurations are maintained throughout updates.


We interface with Salesforce, Cornerstone, Saba, and more.  Whether you are an L&D department using an LMS or payroll system, or a training provider with a CRM or accounting system, we integrate seamlessly into your learning tech stack.


We have experience accompanying our clients throughout consistent growth periods. We help you improve collaboration and productivity, streamline processes, and reorganize your training activity as it scales. 


Our clients are global and come in all shapes and forms, in all industries. Our training management software adapts to you – not the other way around.

Ease of Use

Training professionals deserve a stellar user experience, just as much as learners. So we designed our TMS to be more than a beautiful UX: a truly user-centric interface that understands your job and makes it easier.


We deliver the fewest clicks and intuitive shortcuts that make you go “aha”: think automated budget simulations, drag-and-drop reports, and more.


You get the most pertinent information for your activity and your role, easily accessible and visually presented to enable smart decisions.


Your teams collaborate seamlessly through shared dashboards, to-do lists, and live indicators, making your entire activity more reliable and productive.


No need for a 500-page manual: you benefit from a fast learning curve and quickly adopt best practices, enhancing your performance right from day one.


A unique full-web platform accessible 24/7, available SaaS or on-premise for complete flexibility and control.


Reliable ISO 29990-compliant processes across all teams, business units, and countries, to enhance productivity and quality of service.


A shared database accessible in real-time, synchronized across all monitors, and easily exported to connected systems.

Security & Deployment