Streamline Outsourced Training Management Services

Managing an entire training program is no easy feat for internal for even the most experienced L&D teams. When an internal learning team exceeds their bandwidth for monitoring the administrative and delivery side of learning, organizations look to outsource part or all of their learning operations to a dedicated managed learning services provider.

Training Orchestra provides managed learning services providers a comprehensive platform with the tools needed to manage every aspect of  back-office training administration. Continually ranked as a Strategic Leader by the Fosway Group’s annual 9-Grid™ and listed as one of the premiere training maangement systems available for enterprise-level training, managed learning providers can provide better training for their clients, faster and more efficiently than ever.

Delivering Training Faster and More Efficiently So You Can Exceed Client Expectations

Training Budget and Cost Monintoring

Deliver the best training for your clients while staying under budget. Optimize your training budget and stay on top of training costs in real time. Enable custom alerts when costs are bound to exceed your projected budget threshold.

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Your whole business cycle from order to invoice


When fees are pending, invoiced and paid, set up alerts on pending orders, and update information across all teams


All training services, and get instant global visibility over sales and expenses with live profitability indicators

Schedule Courses and Assign Trainers

Ditch the endless spreadsheet work when it comes to checking which trainers are available to lead your training courses.

Easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly cross-compare and filter qualified trainers & instructors with courses and their session times. Enable hybrid learning capability by having trainers assigned to in-person or online instructor-led training.

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Sessions optimally thanks to our training scheduling capabilities and our graphical drag-and-drop agenda, and get a big picture view of training activities


Venues, instructors and equipment, and monitor session occupancy rates to optimize every session


Registration, broadcast information in seconds to both your trainees and/or providers, and track processes completion with personalized to-do lists 


Edit and store administrative documents, accessible based on a data compartmentalization policy you define 

Filter and Find the Perfect Trainer

Determine the right instructor to lead your in-person or online instructor-led training courses in a matter of seconds.

Customize your crtieria to include part-time or full-time trainers and subject-matter experts. Limited trainers based on professional qualifications, geographic location, and language of instruction.

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Training providers’ training catalog with real-time registration, order fulfillment and real-time communication


Data between entities and organizations to ensure easy access in an entirely secured environment


Our solutions with existing learning management systems and other tools


In a unique system all training providers’ profile and offerings and customer organizations

Monitor Performance and Provide Reporting

Get the valuable insight you need to better improve training deliver for your clients.

Integrated learning analytics and customized metrics allow you to view where your managed learning team can more efficiently deliver. Track client progression and get the data you need to improve your training business outlook or client strategy.

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Processes across business units, languages and currencies, and ensure conformity 


Key KPIs and top priorities in real time through personalized dashboards


All internal data securely through a centralized repository


Your activity by generating ready-to-go reports in minutes or creating custom templates

Why Training Orchestra’s Solution for Managed Learning Services Providers?

Worldwide support

We bring the flexibility and support to adapt our Training Records Management Software to your activity and grow with your needs thanks to our highly competent project managers

Continuous innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA. Our R&D teams constantly work on new innovations natively integrated in our solutions, in accordance and in anticipation of your needs

Proven Training Management System

Our proven software leverages best practices from over 600 customers, including some of the most performing Managed Learning Services professionals worldwide

Join over 600+ successful stories with our Training Records Management Software! Learn more about training management and our Software for Managed Learning Services Providers.

Addressing and Solving Managed Learning Services Needs

How can a training management system help address the unique challenges of managed learning services?

Many of the common challenges faced by third-party providers in managed learning services revolve around the coordination of training resources. MLS providers must also take other areas of responsibility when it comes to leading training:

  • Communication: learning specialists must facilitate quick communication between the hiring organization, trainers, and other program stakeholders.
  • Technology Integration: seamlessly connect other learning technologies including a dedicated learning management system (LMS), eLearning applications, as well as tangible learning tools like computers and other specialized equipment used during ILT sessions.
  • Customization of Learning: MLS providers must cater their learning strategy to the client’s learning objectives and to meet learner satisfaction.
  • Cost Management: Monitoring and controlling the cost of doing training against the proposed training budget.
  • Quality Control: Tracking to ensure that training is delivered on time, without issues of any kind related to scheduling, resourcing, and delivery