Training resource management for sales enablement training

Most companies know they need a strong sales team to close deals but almost always neglect the training required to get them there.

When it does come to preparing business development reps on a sales enablement training program, managing learning operations is managed poorly – often using a series of spreadsheets and secondary software that makes scheduling a bigger nightmare than closing a deal.  How can you enable your team with better selling, prospecting, and closing skills so they can grow their pipeline and increase sales faster? Spend less time managing the back-end, and more time on sales enablement training.

Managing Instructor-Led Training and Virtual Instructor-Led Training can be complex, but it continues to remain the most effective way to train your sales team. In fact, 64% of organizations use ILT because it’s more effective than other modalities in improving learners’ understanding of the material. But, how do you manage it? If your team is still managing classroom and virtual classroom training activity manually, with spreadsheets, shared calendars, or other disconnected solutions, it’s time for a change.

Automate and optimize your face-to-face and virtual sales enablement training operations with a training management system that is designed with your sales training initiatives in mind: Error-free training event management and course scheduling, instructor collaboration, task, resource, and sales cycle management, reporting, and more. With seamless integration for your LMS, website, and other business-critical technologies, Training Orchestra’s sales enablement training software can help you streamline your most time-consuming training management activities. You’ll gain more time to drive faster onboarding, skills enhancement, and help your sales teams and clients close more deals.

The top Training Management Software for sales enablement training

Training is crucial to the success of your sales team. With the right tools and solutions, you can ensure that your sales training programs can help achieve your greater company goals. As a complement to your LMS and other learning technologies, Training Orchestra’s award-winning Training Management System for sales enablement, or sales enablement training software, helps your business:

  1. Improve course scheduling and resource utilization to eliminate conflicts
  2. Make the most of your training instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs) by matching the most qualified and available instructor to each session
  3. Manage your training resources and equipment more effectively: the best resources with the right courses, guaranteed
  4. Collaborate in real-time with your training back-office team
  5. Streamline your tasks and to-do lists so you can move fast and adapt quickly


Training Management System features for your sales enablement activities

Integrate and optimize your entire sales training process and allow your teams to collaborate effortlessly on classroom and virtual training operations and logistics—all while seamlessly managing various locations, languages, and currencies. How? By employing these 6 key training management system features for your sales team training:

  1. Intuitive resource management

Speed the process of scheduling and integrating the right resources (instructors, rooms, equipment) with the right courses by utilizing multiple timeline and agenda views for greater visibility and control over resource management.

  1. Error-free course scheduling

Guarantee a conflict-free schedule by reducing scheduling mistakes with an easy drag-and-drop Training Scheduling System to manage your sales training sessions, instructors, and resources – all in one solution.

  1. Task management 

Eliminate manual work by automating daily tasks and to-do lists, allowing you to prioritize tasks, monitor deadlines, and check progress in one flexible sales enablement training software.

  1. Instructor engagement portal

Use this external-facing Instructor Engagement Portal to locate and reserve the most adequate instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs) for each sales enablement training session.

  1. Integrated analytics and real-time KPIs 

Monitor up-to-date business analytics and KPIs in a shared database so you can gain better insight into key metrics and make the best business decisions for your sales training program.

  1. Unique, custom-built reports

Say goodbye to ineffective reporting. With this simple, drag and drop training reporting tool, you can personalize and share your data across teams and gain visibility of all important business insights.

For the full list of training management system features for sales enablement, download the
Complete Checklist of the Top 20 Training Management System Features


Sales enablement training software FAQs

1. What is sales enablement training?

Definition: Sales enablement training is the practice of continually educating and upskilling your sales team on your products and sales techniques to drive faster onboarding, improved sales skills, and more closed deals—ultimately leading to increased sales and profits. Training Orchestra’s sales enablement training software helps you streamline and automate your back-office training operations, so you can dedicate more time to sales enablement.

2. What is the difference between a Learning Management System and a Training Management System?

Training Orchestra’s Training Management System (TMS) complements the Learning Management System (LMS), focusing on back-office operations and logistics for your virtual and face-to-face training. The Learning Management System focuses on the eLearning and the learner. Find out more about a TMS vs. LMS in our blog: Training Management System and Learning Management System Differences.

3. Can I manage both face-to-face and virtual training courses with Training Orchestra?

Yes! Our Training Management System is the leading software for automating and optimizing your ILT / vILT sales training activity. Learn how ILT and vILT learning experiences are helping organizations meet today’s demands, and how to better manage ILT and vILT with a Training Management System.

4. Do I need a TMS to manage sales enablement training?

Many training professionals often use multiple, disconnected, and inefficient systems to manage Instructor-Led and virtual Instructor-Led Training operations such as XLS spreadsheets and Outlook calendars – despite it often consuming the largest part of the training budget. By deploying a TMS as a part of your learning tech stack, you will save time and budget by automating and optimize your classroom and virtual training activities with Training Orchestra’s robust Training Management System.


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