End-to-End Traning Management Software for Your Training Company

Software for training companies should be built with the specific needs of the training business in mind. Training Orchestra’s all-inclusive TMS software is an end-to-end solution for training companies looking to streamline learning operations and optimize the training business. From order and invoice to the start of your first learning session, we give you and your team complete transparency and ease of use that no number of spreadsheets can provide.

Delivering the best learning experience for your clients begins by making training administration simple. Eliminate disconnected and disparate tools to increase efficiency and profitability, while managing a training business. Available in the cloud or on-premise, and able to help you manage both Private and Public courses, Training Orchestra’s Training Company Software lets you benefit from best practices from over 600 satisfied clients, with over $6 billion in optimized training budgets.

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Software for Training Companies

Made for the needs of every training company. Deliver the best training experience to your clients with the tools you need – all in one powerful platform.

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Training optimization starts with knowing how your money is working. Set up and track invoicing for your clients’ training courses and sessions. Set up custom alerts so you and your team know when payments have been made or you’re about to go over your projected budget.

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Course Schedules Made Simple

Whether your clients prefer to use in-person or virtual learning methods or a hybrid approach, we make it as easy as possible to find plan, schedule, and create the perfect course schedule for your client. Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to match up qualified instructors based on course dates and availability.

Integrated resource planning allows you to schedule and manage your learning resources, from computer equipment to reserving a room

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The Perfect Instructor for Every Session

Limit the amount of time you use for researching the right trainer for your client’s course. Advanced filtering lets you find the perfect instructor based on qualifications, experience, language, and more so you can fill in course vacancies in a matter of seconds.

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Track Performance For Your Company & Clients

The insights you need to make the right decision for your training operation. Built-in reporting allows you to track key metrics from course progression and retention rate down to learning resource utilization.

In combination with our task and budget tracking tools, get a complete view of how your training company is operating to deliver the best learning experience possible.

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WFS and WFS Academy both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements.

– Executive VP, Worldwide Flight Services

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Quickly identify the features needed to manage ILT/vILT Training Operations.

Why Choose Training Orchestra for your Training Company?


Flexibility and support to ensure that you’re providing the best customer training experience no matter the location.

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Regular software updates to give your customer success and training team the tools they need to succeed.


Focus more on creating a great training experience and less on planning and scheduling.