Task Management for Training Professionals

For training administrators, planning a series of courses or an entire training program is already a daunting task. And that’s just to make sure course schedules and instructor availability are in sync so training can get started. Managing everything in between to get courses ready before the first day is something that requires more than just an precise scheduling system.

Training Orchestra’s TMS comes equipped with an integrated task management system to ensure that every requirement for your single session or multi-course program is accounted for. We’ve integrated an entire project management software into a training scheduling system so can check off requests in no time.

milestone tracking and task management for training

Collaborate on Course Deliverables

Communicate internally with your training team get to ensure each course or session has everything it needs before launch.

Course project planning allows you to create a checklist of deliverables related to each task. Our dashboard integrates our instructor scheduling system as well as our  budgeting and reporting tools so you can stay on top of what your training program needs.

Simplified Workflow to Visualize Progress

Our course dashboard allows you to view your course calendar from a high level so you can know where you stand on session deliverables.

Simply click your course or instructor to manage key details like meeting times, needed resources, and even change your meeting room.

course calendar workflow

Say Goodbye to Manual Tasks

Automate tasks based for your training delivery projects. Customize task options and details to ensure your back-office team have a thorough understanding of what needs to completed and when.

Even better, our library of templates allow you to manage tasks based on course type (virtual or in-person) and learning resource requirements.

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Request a Training Management Software Demo The global leader in training management system software for over 18 years, we’ve been helping 600+ organizations worldwide manage their instructor-led training operations and over $6 billion in training budgets. Training Orchestra can help you optimize classroom and virtual training operations: session scheduling, resource management, instructor calendars, vILT, cost tracking and reporting. Complement your existing learning technologies, with Training Orchestra to replace spreadsheets and manual tasks, so you can focus on growing your training business.

Task Management FAQs

You absolutely can use your current project management software to manage tasks for your training operation. However, unlike other operations that manage a multitude of tasks, managing training as a training company or as an L&D requires several moving pieces for a course to be ready on time. From spreadsheets containing instructor availabilities to course schedules, the work for a back-office team can get confusing if you’re going to have to check different areas for your deliverables. Training Orchestra’s TMS is built with a task management feature to help reduce the amount of back and forth needed between software systems. Our task management dashboard is similar to the capabilities provided by major PM software providers but is catered specifically for the needs of training professionals.

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Training Company Must: Reporting and Analytics

Training companies usually ask themselves one question: Are we selling enough training business to make a profit?

The issue with most training companies is that they aren’t looking at other key metrics that can define the success of their operation. Metrics that explain the efficiency of their training delivery or even their overhead costs for learning resources.

Training companies need a TMS that provides easy instructor to course scheduling but also one that gives them insight into how they’re performing by the numbers.

What Should a TMS Have?

From training companies responsible for training engineers in another country to an L&D tasked for reskilling its employees on the latest industry regulations, managing ongoing training is no easy feat with all the moving pieces involved.

Training managers should be asking not only if they have right system in place but do they have the right tools at their disposal.

We did the research and we’ve fine tuned the necessities all training ops need in one easy to use list.

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Do You Have the Right Training Budget Tools?

Managing the finances of your training operation can certainly be done using accounting software. However, connecting the dots between overhead expenses and profitability can be confusing especially if your software isn’t integrated with your current training management system.

See why having a TMS that has both budgeting and sales tools can reduce accounting errors and give your team a clearer picture on deciding your next financial move.

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Christophe Guillery

Training Director, Areva