Task Management for Training Professionals

Your back-office team is the backbone of your training programs. Why not make the process of collaborating on tasks the most streamlined part of your schedulers’ day?

Training Orchestra’s TMS comes equipped with an integrated task management system to ensure that every requirement for your single session or multi-course program is accounted for. Plan, delegate, and track what you need for your learning program. Course management meets task management — in one streamlined solution.

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Collaborate on Course Deliverables

Communicate internally with your training team to ensure every course, session and seminar meets all the requirements before the first day of instruction.

Course project planning allows you to create and track at-a-glance, a detailed checklist of deliverables related to each task. Fully integrated into the scheduling system as well as our instructor management and reporting tools, you’ll stay on track to reach your goals, faster.

Visualize Course Progression

Training Orchestra’s dashboard allows you to view your course calendar from a high level so you can easily see the status of your program’s deliverables.

Need to make a change? Easily modify course requirements, dates, or instructors with drag-and-drop ease.


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Training Task Management FAQs

Is this a replacement for my current project management software

Training Management Systems (TMS) like Training Orchestra are meant to simplify the amount of planning and admin work that goes into setting up learning and development programs. When back-office admin teams use a separate project management software stack to keep track of everything, things can get lost. Training Orchestra gives your team an internal database and tracking system to make sure all requirements for your courses are met by training admin members and stakeholders in your learning program.

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Christophe Guillery

Training Director, Areva