Schedule Training Sessions without Multiple Spreadsheets and Calendars

Providing training for the expansive network of telecom employees is complex much like the technology that connects our world.

The primary goal of telecommunications companies is to provide their customers with quality service. In order to provide consumers with rapid and secure connections through phone and internet, companies need to ensure that their team is properly trained on company procedures, products, and services.

Training Orchestra is the premiere training management system (TMS) designed to meet the scheduling needs of large volume training programs in the telecoms industry. From training customer service representatives and field technicians to systems engineers and sales managers. We provide the tools you need to plan, schedule, and improve your telecom learning operations.

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course scheduling system for telecommunications

Connecting Training Management and Telecommunications

What’s the common factor between training management and the world of communications? Technology.

Discover why having the right software to manage your telecom training programs is as crucial as having the right infrastructure.

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Training Management System for Telecommunications Companies

Schedule much needed training sessions for telecom teams that work to connect the world with the latest technology.

tms scheduling

Schedule Courses & Sessions

Schedule training for your team of technicians and sales personnel without multiple calendars and spreadsheets. From utilizing blended learning to conducting hundreds of on-the-job training sessions on site.

tms track delegation

Task Management

Ensure you have everything you need to train new personnel from the start. Integrated checklists and task delegation allows you to keep training programs on track.

tms licenses and certification

Manage Certifications

Reskill and upskill both sales and technical teams with training they need and prove it. Start a certification program of your choice that allows you to track course completion, ensure validity, and award on completion.

tms engagement portal

Instructor Engagement Portal

Collaborate with field instructors at satellite locations and training sites to ensure your team of trainers are on the same page. Streamline training team and instructor communication without the confusion.

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