To build your learning programs so they’ll scale for the future, it’s important to begin with a solid technology foundation. Where’s the best place to start? The blueprint.

Watch Training Orchestra’s presentation at CLO Symposium and find out how to build or restructure your learning tech stack to create a rock-solid foundation.

We’ll also uncover the must-have’s of a good program blueprint including:

  • Why a tech stack is important
  • The design, vision and architecture of three popular Tech Stack Models
  • Pitfalls to avoid including and over-relying on your LMS
  • Technology solutions that will augment your LMS
  • A case study example of a tech stack in use at a major insurance company

To learn more about how adding a Training Resource Management System like Training Orchestra to your learning tech stack can help reduce the costs of your Instructor-Led Training operations and compliment your LMS, contact us. We love helping companies optimize so they can, “Train More with Less!”

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