Training Management System Technology & Features

Powerful logistics, financial, and reporting features to manage all of your training activity

Graphical Course Scheduling

Resource occupancy optimization

Real-time collaboration

Automated training operations

Budget monitoring

Corporate university

Sales & profitability monitoring

Regulation & compliance

Advanced business analytics

Graphical Course Scheduling

Deliver the right training, at the right time, in the right place. Get all the tools you need to create the perfect planning, and never make a scheduling mistake again

  • Schedule all your training sessions with associated instructors and resources in minutes through intuitive drag-and-drop graphical views
  • Get instant global visibility over your training activity and access session information in one click
  • Track session occupancy rate and status at a glance through color codes and live indicators

Resource occupancy optimization

Your instructors’ time is valuable, and so is your critical equipment: make the most of all your assets through precise planning and monitoring

  • Curate, integrate, and schedule all your resources into training sessions and standalone activities e.g. preparation or maintenance
  • Monitor resources through highly flexible timeline and agenda views, and automatically identify conflicts
  • Keep easily track of resource usage rate across the organization to optimize occupancy of critical assets

Real-time collaboration

When your teams work in silos, it’s hard to be productive, and mistakes happen. Discover a new way to work: collaborative, streamlined, and reliable

  • Tailor dashboards with pertinent indicators for each team member to have instant visibility over tasks at hand
  • Consolidate collaborative to-do lists and track in real-time milestones before and after each session
  • Visualize progress against deadlines and add comments for easy communication

Automated training operations

Overwhelmed with excel or manual tasks? Automate your processes, centralize your data, and unlock your people’s real value

  • Boost productivity and improve process reliability by duplicating session templates, reusing existing repository data, and access all session information directly from your schedule
  • Automate communication with your learners by easily creating and sending administrative documents to multiple audiences at once
  • Never lose a document again: store, track, annotate and retrieve all documents in the system

Budget monitoring

To take control of your budget, you need to know what’s going on. Get pertinent, consolidated information to anticipate and optimize your budget

  • Compute, consolidate and track all training costs in real-time, and integrate multiple currencies with ease
  • Track your remaining budget and compare actual expenses with the forecast, monitor it with custom indicators, and anticipate year-end budget
  • Forecast enterprise-wide training needs, create a comprehensive training plan, and simulate different budget scenarios to prioritize investments

Corporate university

We help you improve collaboration internally and with external stakeholders, deliver the best service, and ensure healthy financial performance

  • Improve collaboration by synchronizing with HR and automating all training requests
  • Streamline your processes, mutualize resources and costs, and monitoring profitability with custom indicators
  • Manage internal invoicing with ease by retrieving invoices directly from scheduling, leveraging automated mass invoicing, and tracking payments in real-time

Sales & profitability monitoring

Whether you are a not-for-profit or for-profit training company, our specialized training management system technology helps you improve financial performance and scale your business

  • Run training as a business: manage both public and private courses, track customer history and synchronize with your existing CRM
  • Streamline the whole sales cycle from order to invoice and leverage mass invoicing and accounting export
  • Dynamically track session profitability and monitor sales and expenses to improve global performance

Regulation & compliance

Are you drowning in multiple, complex legal requirements? Whether your company operates globally or in a high-consequence industry, we make compliance easy

  • Ensure legal compliance within a multi-subsidiary environment, integrating and consolidating all local training requirements
  • Monitor certifications to comply with industry regulations such as banking, insurance, and defense
  • Improve cashback process efficiency through clear visibility over all co-funding requests and integrated international training tax systems

Advanced business analytics

How do you make the right decisions? First, say goodbye to spread, unreliable, or useless data. Second, get the right tools to visualize and interpret your data

  • Leverage a centralized database with relevant real-time KPIs, and break down data any way you want
  • Tailor your dashboards to include business-specific insights and facilitate decision-making, and monitor your business with relevant alerts and color-codes
  • Create reports by dragging and dropping any data field and save templates for future use, or pick from our pre-made templates based on industry best practices


Your training operation is vital to your company’s success. That’s why we are on a continuous search for excellence, inventing new ways to make training management system technology even more effortless, efficient and collaborative. Discover more!


We invest more than 40% of our revenue in R&D. Our teams have extensive experience in the training industry, and understand both your functional and technical requirements.


We learn from you, by organizing multiple user clubs to listen to your needs, and leveraging our clients’ experience to bring you best practices from all over the world.


We provide frequent new versions integrating your feedback, on which you are immediately migrated free of charge and trained by our support team.


We follow strict quality processes to deliver the most stable training management solution, integrating advanced features to optimize your activity.


Our clients come in all shapes and forms: all over the world, in all industries.
We make our training management software adapt to you – not the other way around.

“WFS and Airport College both chose Training Orchestra for its adaptability to our company’s changing requirements”

Emilio Fernandez

WFS Executive Vice President


You can easily configure our training management software to fit your business processes, organizational structure and goals. Because we provide a standard system, all configurations are maintained throughout updates.


We interface with Salesforce, Cornerstone, Saba, and more.  Whether you are an L&D department using an LMS or payroll system, or a training provider with a CRM or accounting system, we integrate seamlessly into your learning tech stack.


We have experience accompanying our clients throughout consistent growth periods. We help you improve collaboration and productivity, streamline processes and reorganize your training activity as it scales. 

Ease of Use

We believe that training professionals deserve a stellar user-experience, just as much as learners. So we designed our training management system technology to be more than a beautiful interface: a truly user-centric system which understands your job and makes it easier.
We make the most complex training operations simple.


We deliver the fewest clicks and intuitive shortcuts that make you go “aha”: think automated budget simulations, drag-and-drop reports, and more.


You get the most pertinent information for your activity and your role, easily accessible and visually presented to enable smart decisions.


Your teams collaborate seamlessly through shared dashboards, to-do lists, and live indicators, making your entire activity more reliable and productive.


No need for a 500-page manual: you benefit from a fast learning curve and quickly adopt best practices, enhancing your performance right from day one.

Security And Deployment


A unique full-web platform accessible 24/7, available SaaS or on premise for complete flexibility and control


A shared database accessible in real-time, synchronized across all monitors, and easily exported to connected systems


Reliable ISO 29990-compliant processes across all teams, business units and countries, to enhance productivty and quality of service