Training Administration Done Right 

Whether you’re mapping out skills courses for new employees or creating a custom training program for a client, ensuring a training program is successful requires not only solid processes but the software to manage all the pieces.

Training administration is often thought of as a tedious job for training administrators and training program managers. The reason? The logistics of training administration at any stage of a program rollout requires numerous components to ensure it’s running properly.

On the surface level it may not seem much: your trainees enroll in courses via your learning management system and then attend the scheduled classes laid out by your training team. Easy, right?

Not quite. Behind the scenes, training administrators need to work diligently to ensure that all learning resources and schedules are in sync and ready to go on day one to ensure the program’s success.

The issue with most training administration systems in learning or L&D departments is that teams are managing their resources and schedules using numerous spreadsheets. When you rely on external spreadsheets to hold course details, instructor schedules, resource availability, and financial information (among others) you’ll realize sooner or later that running the program can be a bit chaotic.

Luckily for you that’s where Training Orchestra comes in.

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Streamline Employee Training and Development

Training Orchestra’s training administration software makes managing your training program easier than ever. Get a high-level view on every aspect of your course planning and their respective resources. Within a matter of clicks you can modify schedules and instructor availability, upload course materials, and ensure training budgets are within scope. And that’s just naming a few of our features.


Client Collaboration Portal FAQs

1. Can your training administration software connect with my LMS?

Yes! Training Orchestra’s training administration system is highly compatible with your learning management system (LMS) and most other learning content delivery platforms you already have in place. By syncing Training Orchestra with your LMS, existing CRM and other eLearning management tools, you’re able to ensure that everything you need to get your training program running smoothly is in one central hub for your back-office team to manage.

2. What organizations use a training administration system software?

Training administration software is implemented by specific types of training professionals. These can vary from a company’s internal learning and development (L&D) department, a professional training company tasked with training another organization’s employees, or as a part of a larger organization’s extended enterprise operation to train in-network partners and customers. These training providers utilize a training administration system to their benefit as it makes management tasks easier than if it were to be done manually. By streamlining all training program materials into one centralized hub, training providers are able to get added efficiency and full transparency.



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WFS and Airport College both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements.


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Why Training Orchestra for training administration?

Compatible with Your Existing Training System

Integrate Training Orchestra with your existing technology stack to enhance the way your organization delivers training. Connectivity to APIs and external software of your choice allows your to optimize faster.

Global Availability and Support  

Through the expansion of our team worldwide, we’re able to provide 24/7  flexibility and support, when your team needs it most

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For 20 years, our B2B client collaboration portal has been leveraging best practices from over 600 customers worldwide, including some of the leading businesses serving their clients

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