Powerful, Simplified Course & Resource Scheduling

Running a training program is complicated enough. So, why make it harder by relying on spreadsheets and manual processes? With Training Orchestra, you can schedule courses, instructors, and resources in minutes, not hours, whether you’re rolling out training to your employees, customers, partners, or members.

Maximize efficiency in your learning operation with the Training Management System (TMS) that makes the course scheduling process for instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training as easy as a few simple clicks.

See the TMS in Action

Graphical Course Scheduling

Whether you’re scheduling in-person courses, virtual seminars, or a hybrid mix of both, connecting all the dots to successfully launch your programs fast, just got better!

Our powerful graphical course scheduling tools give your team complete flexibility and control to easily schedule courses, instructors, and resources, and juggle any last-minute changes for your upcoming sessions.


Resource Management

Keep your training running smoothly and reduce your roadblocks to zero by ensuring your courses’ resources are always in the right place, at the right time.

Our color-coded timeline and resource allocation views show you the status of your sessions at a glance, and help you quickly identify conflicts, double bookings, and pending assignments — so you can resolve them fast.

Task Management

Keep your back-office team and trainers on track with built-in milestones and tasks for every course in your training program.

Color-coded task alerts can be customized per course, allowing you to avoid silos while collaborating on training projects. And, quickly alert you to the status of each milestone at a glance.


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Scheduling & Resource Management FAQs

What is a course scheduling system?

A course scheduling system is a software utilized by training professionals to manage everything that goes into planning and laying out training sessions. The system allows you to manage course details and instruction dates. In addition, the system also allows you to easily assign instructors of your choosing based on availability and qualification.

Who needs to use a course scheduling system?

Course scheduling systems are primarily used by L&D professionals who are responsible for managing the skilling of hundreds of learners. The reason for using a course scheduling system that’s part of a TMS is that it allows training managers and administrators the ability to schedule and sync courses, schedules, instructors, and resources efficiently without running a risk of error.

Is Training Orchestra suitable to use to run my training company?

Yes! Training Orchestra’s course scheduling software is designed to be a control center for training businesses the world over. The software is designed to manage enterprise-level training programs for hundreds of clients to make the management of course dates and instructor scheduling as easy as possible. In addition to managing instructor schedules and courses, it’s also capable of handling all the other necessities of running a training company including budgeting, task management, and reporting.