Training Scheduling and Management Done Right

Running a training program is hard enough, don’t make it any more difficult with outdated manual processes and spreadsheets.

Whether you’re a training company instructing your learners, or an L&D department ready to sharpen the skillsets of your employees or extended enterprise, rolling out a fine-tuned training program requires your entire back-office team to ensure everything is in order.

But, with most training administrators delivering Instructor-Led and virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT/vILT) to hundreds or thousands of learners — using a series of siloed processes such as spreadsheets and shared calendars — it’s easy to see why scheduling sessions, managing instructor schedules and skillsets and allocating resources can quickly turn to administrative overload. Not to mention the potential for errors and burning through hours of time. That’s time that your team could’ve been spent providing value to your organization or clients!

To achieve maximum efficiency in your training organization, it’s best practice to optimize and automate training scheduling and resource management with a training management system (TMS) equipped with the right tools to get the job done on time and budget. The Training Orchestra TMS integrates an instructor scheduling system in combination with resource management tools to get all your scheduling right from the best available instructor on Tuesday at 11:00am to three laptops for room 305.

Graphical Course Scheduling

Easy on the eyes and even easier to use. Our graphical course scheduling interface allows you full visibility and at-a-glance status of your course scheduling including resource and instructor assignments and occupancy rates. Say goodbye to scheduling errors as our built-in filters let you match-up course requirements with your list of qualified and available instructors. With intuitive, graphical course scheduling, you can easily drag and drop your sessions, instructors, and resources all into the right place within a matter of seconds. And with course templates, you can do it again in the template based system

Whether you’re scheduling in-person training seminars in a classroom in New York City, a virtual course hosted from Paris, a series of seminars and workshops, or a combination of instruction methods, connecting the dots to get your course off the ground just got better!

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Resource Management

Reduce your roadblocks down to zero. Manage your course’s training resources by ensuring everything from the right instructor with the right skills to the course materials and equipment are available at a specific date and place.

Flexible timeline and resource allocation views allow you to monitor active resource assignments as well as classroom capacity. Color coded alerts help to identify issues such as conflicts, double bookings and pending assignments at-a-glance, so you can resolve them before they affect your bottom-line

Task Management

Organize your training admin team, improve collaboration and increase productivity with task management tools that allows your team to deliver the best courses on-time and on-budget every time — in one centralized tool.

Keep your back-office team and instructors on track with milestones and tasks.

Create course templates for reoccurring tasks and see project status at-a-glance with real-time color-coded indicators so you can deliver the best training on day one.

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Request a Training Management Software Demo The global leader in training management system software for over 18 years, we’ve been helping 600+ organizations worldwide manage their instructor-led training operations and over $6 billion in training budgets. Training Orchestra can help you optimize classroom and virtual training operations: session scheduling, resource management, instructor calendars, vILT, cost tracking and reporting. Complement your existing learning technologies, with Training Orchestra to replace spreadsheets and manual tasks, so you can focus on growing your training business.

Scheduling & Resource Management FAQs



A course scheduling system is software utilized by training professionals to manage everything that goes into planning and laying out training sessions. The system allows you to manage course details and instruction dates. In addition, the system also allows you to easily assign instructors of your choosing based on availability and qualification.


If you’re a training administrator running several courses per month it’s best to consider using a TMS that allows you to keep all deliverables related to centered in one place


Absolutely! Course scheduling systems such as Training Orchestra are designed managing small to enterprise level training programs for clients. As the central hub for your training team, our system is equipped to manage multiple courses and modules within each individual training program for your clients. In addition to managing instructor schedules and courses, it’s also capable of handling all the other necessities of running a training company including budgeting, task management, and reporting. 

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Instructor Engagement Portal

Training managers usually find themselves hustling to find the instructor with the right years of experience and qualifications to be available within a specific window of time.

Aside from manually searching for instructors and looking at calendars, Training Orchestra’s unique Instructor Engagement Portal is an addition to our TMS software that amplifies the instructor filling process.

Our Call for Trainer feature allows your training team to call out for instructors so you can get those courses filled fast! Even better, your team gets the peace of mind of added efficiency and faster scheduling.

Do You Have the Right Training Budget Tools?

Managing the finances of your training operation can certainly be done using accounting software. However, connecting the dots between overhead expenses and profitability can be confusing especially if your software isn’t integrated with your current training management system.

See why having a TMS that has both budgeting and sales tools can reduce accounting errors and give your team a clearer picture on deciding your next financial move.

Training Company Must: Course Scheduling Software

Believe it or not, most training companies managing continued learning for the employees of Fortune 500 companies are still using regular spreadsheets to fill their training.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this method but it leaves a myriad of issues for training company managers – from more time spent in admin work to missed opportunities to generate more business.

Don’t be that training company. 

Join 600+ successful stories with our Employee Training Software solution!

We save money while gaining more flexibility, efficiency, and professionalism. Our training offer supports the development of our employees as well as the performance of the company.

Christophe Guillery

Training Director, Areva