Quickly and significantly improve training business performance and profitability with a Training Management System.

Today more than ever, organizations who are managing training as a business rely on the success of their customers, partners, and distributors to fuel growth. Digital disruption and higher client expectations for customized services have made it harder for training businesses to improve profitability and performance — especially for larger training companies and organizations who are training their extended enterprise by delivering a significant amount of Instructor-Led Training and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (ILT/vILT). Why? There are four important drivers:

1. Poor resource utilization such as classrooms and trainers
2. Lack of collaboration by staff that work in silos
3. Difficult decision making from incomplete reporting
4. Heavy administrative workload

As a training organization, you’ve been struggling with homegrown systems, overly complex solutions, and most of all, multiple XLS spreadsheets. Training Orchestra has the right solution for you.

A dedicated Training Management System to optimize business operations for your instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training (ILT/vILT).

Leveraging the best practices of over 600 clients worldwide to deliver a unique Training Business Software that takes your business to a new level of efficiency, Training Orchestra’s award-winning, end-to-end solution manages the whole sales and logistics business cycle to:

  1. Optimize session scheduling and resource use for both in-person and virtual classroom courses
  2. Promote conflict-free scheduling, no matter how complex or large your training business is
  3. Better manage your product offering and enhance customer communication with our B2B client portal
  4. Improve profitability and cash flow by better managing financial performance with real-time cost tracking and robust reporting
  5. Seamlessly track, manage and sell your courses, public (open) and private (in-house/closed)
  6. Easily collaborate with your facilitators using a dedicated instructor engagement portal
  7. Manage your complex global operations and easily manage multiple locations, languages, and currencies all in one powerful solution

With seamless integration for your existing business-critical systems such as your LMS, CRM, or website you can all collaborate effortlessly. And finally, your executive and sales teams, managers, and schedulers can focus on what matters most: increasing efficiency, improving profitability and performance, and developing customer loyalty to efficiently run and grow your training business.


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Develop Customer Loyalty and Empower Your Network


In real-time through a full-web portal accessible anywhere


Your training catalog with direct registration and order fulfilment


Business growth through customized offerings and company-specific incentive programs


Customer history to easily manage follow-up by session, trainer, or entity

Optimize Resource


The perfect schedule with the graphical drag-and-drop agenda, instantly updated across all terminals


Any type of complex resource (venues, instructors, equipment, virtual classroom) and match them to your sessions 


Conflicts with real-time alerts and custom color-codes


All training activities in one place and optimize session occupancy rates

Maximize Revenue
and Cost Control 


Your entire sales cycle from order to invoice


Pending, invoiced and paid fees with real-time updates for your team


Customized company-wide prices and upsell services and products


Global visibility over all training activities, sales and expenses with live profitability indicators

Enhance Performance and
Profitability Tracking


Processes across business units, languages and currencies to ensure conformity 


Critical KPIs and live profitability through customizable dashboards


With your team directly and share internal data securely through a centralized repository


The value of your training business function with ready-to-go, personalized reports and templates

Software for training business FAQs

1. Can Training Orchestra’s software for training business manage both my open and closed training courses?

Yes. Our Training Company Management Software allows you to manage all of your public, private, and bespoke courses seamlessly from order to invoice. Find out more about training course management to see which learning technology is best fit for managing a training business.

2. Can Training Orchestra interface with my LMS, CRM, and other technologies?

Yes, our training management system integrates with and complements your LMS, website, and other critical technologies, so your training company can make the most of your existing technologies and streamline your everyday training business operations.

3. What is the difference between Training Orchestra’s Training Company Management Software and a Learning Management System?

Training Orchestra’s software for training business complements the Learning Management System (LMS), focusing on back-office operations and logistics for your classroom and virtual training. The LMS focuses on the eLearning and the learner. Find out more about the differences in our blog: Training Management System and Learning Management System Differences.

4. Does your Training Management Software for training business allow me to automate and optimize both face-to-face and virtual training courses?

Absolutely. Our Training Management Software for training business is the leading solution for automating and optimizing both instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training activity. Learn how ILT and vILT learning experiences are helping organizations meet today’s demands, and how to better manage ILT and vILT with a Training Management System.



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WFS and Airport College both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements.


Executive VP, Worldwide Flight Services

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Why Training Orchestra’s software for training business? 

Training Business Transformation

Transformation and innovation are part of our DNA. Our R&D teams are continually working on new innovations and ways to accelerate training business transformation in our training company management software

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Not only can our software manage multiple languages, countries, and currencies, but our worldwide team provides constant flexibility and support, when you need it most

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For 20 years, our proven software for training business leverages best practices from over 600 customers, including some of the world leading training companies in their field

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