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Book your next learning session without the hassle of spreadsheets. Training Orchestra’s course booking system software makes it easy for training providers to manage your learning operations.

From scheduling training courses to selecting instructors, all in one comprehensive training management resource system.

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One Platform to Manage Course Bookings

Whether your team is managing in-person courses or virtual training classes, planning and scheduling courses shouldn’t have to be a headache. Training Orchestra’s course booking system gives your back-office admin team the breath of fresh air it needs to make course registration and instructor scheduling as easy as it should be.

Our course booking dashboard gives you complete control for assigning instructors and dates for your training courses, learning sessions, workshops, and seminars.

Increase bookings and maximize your registrations

Our course booking system provides an all-in-one solution to help your training team to grow your business while also streamlining your scheudling processes.

Simplify course booking with recurring course set-up templates and an automated task management. On top of that, our cost tracking tool allows you to make sure you’re within your training budget.

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The Perfect Instructor for Every Session

Limit the amount of time to research the right trainer for your client’s course. Advanced filtering let’s you find the perfect instructor based on qualifications, experience, language, and more so you can fill in course vacancies in a matter of seconds.

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Data analytics for Training Providers

Real-time metrics and data reporting give you the data insights you need to make optimizations. From course progression to instructor performance.

We give you deeper insights into your training delivery pipeline by giving you the analytics you need to take action to maximize revenue and increase course registrations.

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Training Delivery and Logistics, Simplified.

Training Orchestra’s course booking system is the perfect compliment to any training or learning operation. Whether you’re an internal training department or a training company providing private and public courses to clients, Training Orchestra’s course booking software will transform how your provides continued learning for your employees or clients.

Training Orchestra’s course booking system and training management resource software helps training professionals deliver a more efficient and streamlined training program. Our training and course booking software improves your back-office training administration process and replaces your disconnected system of spreadsheets

It’s a platform meant to service learning experiences of all types. Whether it’s instructor led training and virtual instructor led-training, public and private classes, one-time and recurring seminars, or a program that’s uses a hybrid learning approach, our software equips your team with the ability to manage it all.

The platform and tools included in our training reservation system allows your back-office team to create efficiency and grow your training operation through simplifying the most complex of training management processes.

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We bring the flexibility and support to adapt to your activity and grow with your needs. With tech support available in over 30 countries, we’ll be ready to help your training operation grow wherever you expand.


Innovation is part of our DNA: our R&D teams constantly work on innovations natively integrated in our software for training providers


Listed as a Strategic Leader on the Fosway 9-Grid we’ve crafted the best software to cater to the needs to training professionals. Our team leverages the best practices from over 600 customers, including some of the most renown and performing training businesses.

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