The Challenge: You need to manage operations and logistics for instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training, but are using tools that weren’t designed to do so.

Having a great Learning Management System (LMS) is a good start to your training efforts, but an LMS isn’t designed to manage in-person and virtual instructor-led training, let alone manage the needs for hybrid training in your organization. When relying on the LMS to manage all aspects of training management and delivery, your team risks losing valuable time by focusing more on administrative tasks related to scheduling, over documentation, and an increasing number of spreadsheets just to get training sessions organized and employee education courses delivered.

And that’s just half the equation of managing training logistics!

Supporting training operations requires a seamless and efficient system that reduces the middle ground between the training delivery team and those scheduled to sign up for your courses.


The Solution: A Training Management System to streamline even the most complicated training operations management needs.

A Training Management System (TMS) works seamlessly alongside your LMS to help you schedule sessions, facilitators and resources for your ILT and vILT courses. By utilizing a TMS with your LMS, your program leaders and course trainers are also given the ability to also keep track of tasks, registrations, certifications and costs, as well as quickly creating reports on the information that matters to your organization.

Training Orchestra’s training management system is unique in that integrates seamlessly with your organization’s learning management system, focusing on managing back-office training management resources so you can focus on delivering quality training to your employees.

Utilizing Training Orchestra makes the logistics of  learning easy by allowing you to automate both your ILT and vILT courses into one centralized system, removing the excessive the administrative duties that come along with training management. With one system, we integrate the ability for your learning & development department to easily manage schedule training, task management, internal collaboration, and track budgets & costs  in a user-friendly platform so you can focus on providing a quality learning experience.

How Training Orchestra’s Training Management System features simplify your most pressing
ILT and vILT challenges

Ready to re-imagine your training operations management? Here’s how our top Training Management System features will allow your teams to collaborate seamlessly on ILT and vILT operations and logistics—all while handling multiple locations, languages and currencies with ease.

  1. Save hours of manual work with streamlined task management and to-do lists

    Eliminate manual work by reviewing and prioritizing all tasks and deadlines for ILT and vILT sessions in one dynamic platform. Increase the productivity and reliability of your administrative processes and save hours of manual work with to-do list consolidation.

  2. Facilitate dynamic collaboration across multiple teams 

    Collaborate across multiple teams in real-time with a reliable Training Management System. Tailor your dashboards with relevant and live indicators for each team member to have instant visibility over tasks at hand.

  3. Rapidly create events with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface 

    Get a high-level view of your ILT and vILT sessions and activities, and quickly and easily drag and drop your sessions, instructors and resources all into the right place and time. And, with live error indicators, you can always guarantee a conflict-free schedule tailored to your preferences.

  4. Save time by automating your administration

    Reduce your workload by automating administrative processes such as the production of documents, sending invitations to instructors and collaborating on tasks, all while easing communication with your team, customers and partners in one robust system.

  5. Increase visibility over your ILT and vILT resources

    Save hours of manual work by increasing visibility and control over your resources. With customizable timeline and agenda views, you can schedule and integrate any type of resource and carefully monitor usage rates to maximize efficiency and best meet your goals.

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Industry awards & recognition for our Training Management Software

Training Orchestra’s Training Resource Management System named a Top 20 Specialist Learning System by Talented Learning

training orchestra's training management software named a Top 20 Training Delivery Companies list for three consecutive years

Training Orchestra named a Strategic Leader in Fosway’s 2023 & 2022 9-Grid for Learning Systems. Recognized also in 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Fosway Group Strategic Leader 2023

Training Orchestra wins for Best Advance in ILT Management by Brandon Hall Group – 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014.

Brandon Hall Group Technology Award 2022

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