The Challenge: You need to capture and report on the right training KPIs and other critical data points

Capturing the right data, including instructor and resource utilization rates, cost of delivery by course/session, training spend invested per hour/week/month/year, and many other critical data points is crucial to the success and improvement of your classroom and virtual instructor-led training programs. However, even with access to the right data, reporting on those insights in a useful way is another big challenge. Intuitively measure and articulate your training KPIs so you can better manage your training programs, improve ROI, and boost profitability. 

The Solution: Robust training reporting capabilities for easier training management, better ROI and increased profitability

Prove the value of your training function with a robust training reporting tool that tracks and consolidates critical data points, so you can more easily articulate training KPIs and results to executives and other stakeholders. Real-time training reporting features allow you to visualize, understand, and interpret your data to gain valuable insights and improve efficiency. Make sound business decisions with a single source of truth for all your training data—Training Orchestra’s powerful Training Resource Management System.

How Training Orchestra showcases the value of your training function

Say goodbye to overwhelming spreadsheets and disconnected reporting tools. These key Training Management System features will allow you to capture the right data and better manage your ILT/vILT training programs in one unified system.

  1. Access real-time KPIs and centralized business analytics

    Monitor critical business analytics and KPIs in a unified, shared database updated in real-time. More easily track, visualize and interpret your data through a customizable dashboard tailored to your preferences so you can make better business decisions for your training programs.

  2. Increase efficiency with automated processes and data consolidation

    Streamline and automate all of your reporting processes and consolidate your data for increased training efficiency. Boost productivity by duplicating session templates, reusing existing repository data, and accessing all session information directly from your schedule.

  3. Personalize your reports with unlimited data refinement

    Create personalized reports in an easy drag-and-drop system with unlimited data refinement so you can share your custom-built data with your team. Break down your data by learner profile or business unit for a more granular insight into your learners.

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Industry awards & recognition for our Training Management Software

Training Orchestra’s Training Resource Management System named a Top 20 Specialist Learning System by Talented Learning

training orchestra's training management software named a Top 20 Training Delivery Companies list for three consecutive years

Training Orchestra named a Strategic Leader in Fosway’s 2023 & 2022 9-Grid for Learning Systems. Recognized also in 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018.

Fosway Group Strategic Leader 2023

Training Orchestra wins for Best Advance in ILT Management by Brandon Hall Group – 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014.

Brandon Hall Group Technology Award 2022

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