Think Globally While Acting Locally with a Training Regulation Management System

Managing training for multi-national organizations means dealing with various and increasingly complex geographical or sector-specific training regulations. Meeting those regulatory requirements has become a critical task for training managers across the globe in ensuring remote and colocated teams are current not only in industry-specific training but the employees’ domestic training regulations.

In addition to following industry-specific training compliance rules, your company may need to adapt to local regulatory frameworks unique to your employees’ home country. Country specific employee development initiatives are aimed at sharpening the employee’s skillset whether that’s improving a needed skill or learning a new vocational profession as a skilled apprentice.

Some common employee development frameworks include:

The international expansion of companies relies on complying with these requirements and is often coupled with large training investments. With much to juggle, training regulation management can become time-consuming and complex when handled in multiple, disparate tools and solutions. Training Orchestra’s Training Regulation module can help organizations think globally while acting locally, meeting global requirements for training management in a multi-subsidiary environment, in one powerful system.

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The best-in-class Training Regulation System dedicated to global organizations and their subsidiaries


Meet Training Requirements

to Secure Business


An exhaustive list of local requirements and market best practices 


Information to unions or governments when necessary


Consolidate critical information in a timely manner 


Indicators and drag and drop templates for easy monitoring and reporting 

Enhance Tax



And organize international training tax systems and legal tax documents


Track complex processes and tax related concerns


Detailed visibility over all co-funding requests


Your global forecast roll ups and analyses

Optimize Communication 

and Training Budgets 


Cost tracking for adjusted investments 


Appraisals and evaluations for items such as co-financing or cash-back systems


Training budgets in real-time and cross-filter training expenses with criteria to justify training investments 


Local practices at a global level with both employees and executives 

Promote Corporate



Native information flow from employee to executive


Built-in training request management


Information to all employees for easier, more efficient corporate collaboration


Risk of penalties and other legal concerns

Training Regulation Management FAQs

1. We manage a global team and must have a system that can track all training regulation across many different countries. Can Training Orchestra manage all regulations in one system?

Absolutely. Our training regulation management system is designed to help your team stay compliant across all legal dimensions, helping you manage budgets, co-financing, legal tax documents, training plan forecasting, government or union information, and much more across many different countries, all in one powerful system. Say goodbye to training regulation headaches, and hello to an easier, more efficient way to meet training requirements for your organization.

2. Does your training regulation system integrate with other technology?

Yes, our training regulation module will integrate with your CRM, LMS, and other important technologies your team may use to meet global regulatory requirements.


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