Course Management & Scheduling System

Getting your training program off the ground should never be complicated. With Training Orchestra’s training management system software, you can now manage all your courses, instructors, and resources in one place. Conduct a seamless training experience for your organization by ensuring schedules and instructor availability are aligned.

Training Management System Features

Training Orchestra is a TMS platform designed to cater to the most critical needs of training operations of any size and industry. As an established name in e-learning industry for over 20 years of experience, we’ve crafted a TMS that’s able to address everything from seamless instructor scheduling for learning sessions to data analysis of how your operation is running.

Course Scheduling & Resource Management

Instructor Management

Budget & Cost Tracking

Reporting & Analytics

Task Management

Course Scheduling & Resource Management

Stop spending time cross-comparing spreadsheets between course calendars and instructor schedules.

Our training course scheduling tool lets you match the perfect instructor with courses based on scheduled availability and qualifications. Schedule courses and sessions in seconds on the easiest scheduling dashboard.

  • ILT & VILT Course Scheduling: Organize sessions for your program regardless if the instruction is provided in-person, virtually or even a combination of both – all in a matter of clicks.
  • Course-centered scheduling lets you get the information you need in an instant based on course projects. Get status updates, adjust session dates, and assign learning tools your attendees and instructors may need.

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Instructor Management

Find the perfect instructor to facilitate your courses without having to cross-compare spreadsheets.

Filter through your organization’s list of trainers – whether dedicated full-time instructors, SMEs or external training providers – and match your instructors based on availability, languages spoken, certifications, and skillset.

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling: Graphical course layout lets you quickly cross-compare an instructor’s schedule with your courses so you can quickly assign an instructor in seconds.
  • Course notifications inform instructors and stakeholders about scheduling so you can get a jump start on planning for resources.

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Budget & Cost Tracking

Stay on top of your training program’s budget by tracking all costs in real time. By retrieving the costs with associated each of your courses such as facilitators, resources, travel, and even donuts for the participants!

  • Automatically track costs per session, resource, and instructor as you create schedules in real time.
  • Budget templates allow you to forecast cost changes in your training program as you expanded training courses down the road.

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Reporting & Analytics

Get the most from your data with in-depth data analysis and insight on your training program’s progression. Utilize standard performance reports or create custom reports with the metrics you need to measure your training program’s success.

  • Get the intel you need to know where your training operation is investing its budget and resources in real time.
  • Collect and analyze data from every section of your training operation including instruction time, resource availability, and hourly rates.
  • Data visualization dashboard allows you to create reports for forecasting so you know how to plan for your next series of courses.

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Task Management

Delivering training efficiently requires the right project tools catered toward training professionals. Reduce the usage of your CRM or other PM software so you can accomplish course necessities in one central platform.

  • Plan requirements for your training courses, create checklists for your training team and ensure tasks are assigned to appropriate stakeholders.
  • Color-coded markers on our task dashboard let you identify issues quickly so you can keep the progression of the course going.

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A Training Course Scheduling System for All Training Organizations & Audiences

Managing a training program has never been easy. Most organizations have the best learning management system to deliver both instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training. However, they are still managing the delivery of their training programs using multiple spreadsheets and calendars. Between your learners, instructors, and back-admin office team this can lead to more time than needed in organizing timelines and schedules. More time spent doing admin work leads to a higher chance of having errors in your program and a wasted training budget. With 70% of training budgets invested in ILT/vILT training for employees, the pressure to train personnel is an ever-changing operation that can’t have any of your budget wasted.

Training Orchestra’s unique training scheduling system is designed to turn the manual process of coordinating training into an easy-to-use automated workflow that reduces the number of spreadsheets containing your training program’s schedules and instructor schedules. Our course booking system thus reduces the cost and time it takes to roll out training courses to your employees or clients. By optimizing resource use, automating session scheduling, and tracking and controlling costs in real-time, you’ll gain control over your training scheduling operations to “Train More with Less!

 Industry Awards & Recognition for our Training Management Software

Training Orchestra’s Training Resource Management System named a Top 20 Specialist Learning System by Talented Learning

Training Orchestra named a Strategic Leader in Fosway’s 2022 & 2021 9-Grid for Learning Systems. Recognized also in 2020, 2019, and 2018.


Training Orchestra wins for Best Advance in ILT Management by Brandon Hall Group –  2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014.

WFS and Airport College both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements.

– Executive VP, Worldwide Flight Services

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Training Scheduling System FAQs

What is a Training Scheduling System? Can it interface with my LMS, website, and other technologies?

A training scheduling system is any piece of software that aims to simplify the scheduling of instructors to training sessions. In addition, a training scheduling system is also meant to handle back-office training administration duties such as management of learning resources, budget and cost tracking, as well as providing performance analytics.

Can it be used alongside my learning management system and other software?

Yes! Training Orchestra’s training scheduling system can be integrated with your learning management system (LMS) platform in addition to other applications you may need to roll out your training programs. Our scheduling system is designed to be compatible with other learning system software your organization could be using, such as your HRIS, LMS, LXP, or CRM.

What kind of organizations are using a training scheduling system?

Organizations that are using a training scheduling system include L&D Departments training their employees, those training their extended enterprise (partners, distributors, and resellers), training companies, those managing customer educationmember education, and more. Training Orchestra can meet the needs of all training providers to meet the needs of their learners.

Does it matter if my training courses are in-person or virtual?

No! A robust training scheduling system like Training Orchestra is meant to manage in-person and remote training courses or sessions. Whether you plan a program that uses predominantly instructor-led training (ILT)  in a classroom or virtual-instructor-led training (vILT) held via video conference or if you decide to use a hybrid learning environment, a training scheduling system should handle both with ease. As training moves from predominantly in-person to a more complex hybrid approach, utilizing a training scheduling system will have more benefits by easing course booking and back-office administration. in easing course booking and back-office administration.

What is the best training scheduling system?

The best training scheduling system increases efficiency in your training operations, saves your team the most time, and helps your organization keep training costs within budget. It’s important to find the best training scheduling system for your organization’s specific training needs and goals — whether managing training for your employees, extended enterprise, training business, customers, partners, distributors, or the like. Training Orchestra offers an award-winning enterprise training scheduling system that can meet even the most complex of needs.

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