Course Scheduling System

Training Orchestra’s unique Training Scheduling System is designed to turn the manual process of coordinating training into an easy-to-use automated workflow, thus reducing the cost and time it takes to roll out training courses to your employees or clients. By optimizing resource use, automating session scheduling, and tracking and controlling costs in real-time, you’ll gain control over your training scheduling operations so you can, “Train More with Less!

Our core Training Scheduling System is color-coded, intuitive, and interactive with real-time indicators and data to help you quickly identify conflicts and adjust in a few clicks. Spend less time managing your training schedules and more time on what matters most!

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Streamlined Training Operations


Team collaboration with training schedulers and instructors using real-time shared task management and live graphical timeline and calendar views.


With easy-to-use scheduling tools for greater visibility and control over all schedules with multiple timelines and agenda views. 


Notifications, reminders, and to-do lists so you’ll never miss an important scheduling task again.


Conflicts and guarantees error-free scheduling with color-coded indicators, helping you assign the right resource to the right place.

Advanced Solutions for Smarter Business Decisions


Smarter schedules by automating the process with rules and indicators set to your preferences.


Your training scheduling needs are based on past data and a fully customizable KPI & reporting dashboard.


Your scheduling system with your LMS, website, and other technologies.


Conflicts and solve them quickly so your team can stay on track.

Learning Technology Stack Integration


Your learning tech stack with a back-office system dedicated to instructor-led and virtual instructor-led Training (ILT/vILT) operations management.


With real-time public API collaboration including the LMS, LXP, ERP, CRM, Virtual Classroom, and more.


With your learning tech ecosystem through standard connectors.


Faster, more efficient scheduling by eliminating all manual training scheduling processes.

Robust Performance Tracking & Budget Monitoring


Your performance and profitability on certain tasks within your training scheduling system.


Your costs per session, resource, instructor, etc. in real-time as you create your schedules.


Your data and performance with your team for easier, more efficient communication across departments.


Ahead by confidently forecasting future costs so you can make smarter decisions for your training program.

Why Training Orchestra?

Unparalleled Training Scheduling

Simply put, we love to innovate. Our R&D teams are constantly working on innovations and ways to improve our training scheduling software

Around the Clock Availability

With team members worldwide, we’re available around the clock and provide 24/7  flexibility and support, when you need it most

Proven Training Scheduling Software

For 20 years, our training scheduling and tracking software has been leveraging best practices from over 600 customers worldwide

WFS and Airport College both chose Training Orchestra for its clear benefits and adaptability to our company’s changing requirements.

– Executive VP, Worldwide Flight Services

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We’ve Got You Covered!

Do you manage multiple languages, currencies, and other complex training company logistics? Training Orchestra is simple and intuitive for any L&D organization, training business, or association to use, our training scheduling software is a comprehensive solution to tackle all the needs of your organization. Check out our key system features and benefits.

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Training Management Software FAQs

What is Course Scheduling Software?

Training Orchstra provides features to training managers that allow them to better manage and schedule training for their one training session or multiple training programs. Features included in our course management software include tools for:

  • Scheduling face-to-face training sessions between instructors and apprentices
  • Managing training budgets and the cost of doing training
  • Reporting and analytics dashboards to measure trainer efficiency, resource utilization, and learning objectives.
  • Documentation portal for compliance and regulatory training materials including contracts, certfiications, and progress notes.

How does Training Orchestra Improve the Process of Course Scheduling and Trainer Assignment?

Training Orchestra automates various administrative tasks related for your training sessions and courses. Training Orchestra’s course scheduling and training management software allows training providers and coordinators to better manage multiple apprentices to more efficiecntly track their professional development.