Streamline Your Training Operations with a Training Management System

What is a Training Management System (TMS)? Also known as a “Training Resource Management System”, a TMS is the back-office software that helps training organizations and companies organize their back-office administrative resources including management of courses (both in person and virtual), schedules,  budgets, and much more. 

Utilizing a TMS is a critical part of running a training business as it increases transparency between course attendees, instructors, and administrators. Training is normally done manually with multiple spreadsheets between parties however this can turn confusing fast both for those signing up for the training and those teaching the courses. For example, it’s a common mishap for students to attend instructorless courses due to scheduling mishaps and instructors to fail to get updated calendars due to multiple spreadsheets in use. A TMS solves this issue by connecting the all parties in the learning environment together in one clean, easy-t0-use platform.

With Training Orchestra’s TMS, our award-winning software helps you run your training operation efficiently without all the mess that goes into back-office administration. Our Training Resource Management System gives you the operational controls, administrative and reporting capabilities, plus the people systems needed to effectively deliver and grow training with financial responsibility and operating efficiency. Having a TRMS in place helps you be the best business partner you can be to your organization.

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Logistics and
Resource Management

Cost-Control and
Budget Optimization

Sales and
Profitability Monitoring

Reporting and
Business Intelligence

The Training Orchestra Impact


Control costs, forecast and optimize training budgets and drive training revenue


Optimize resource use, automate administration, streamline logistics and improve collaboration


Standardize processes, secure your data and align with your business strategy


Monitor your activity, track key KPIs and generate reports to make the right decisions

Training Resource Management System vs. Learning Management System


Learning Management System (or LMS software) – Roadmap dedicated to the learner to enable content delivery, assessment and talent management

Front office for learners
Access e-learning content
Manage e-learning content
Assess and measure progress


Training Resource Management System – Roadmap focused on the organization help clients “Train More with Less”

Back office for training administrators
Manage logistics
Streamline administration
Optimize financials

The Learning Technologies Ecosystem

Building a learning technology ecosystem that supports the business and the learner’s needs is best done from the ground up. Face-to-Face training, even virtually, is the most effective part of your learning strategy. However, it is also the most complex and expensive part of the training operation. Every minute and dollar saved because you have a solid foundation of efficiency can be used to innovate learning elsewhere.

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Training Orchestra’s Training Resource Management System is the base upon which to build your learning architecture. Seamless integration with your learning management system is a given, and a TRMS can compliment your LMS in many ways. We have a proven track record with all of the popular Learning Management Systems on the market, including SumTotal, Cornerstone, Saba, Success Factors, Moodle and more.