training management software in the learning tech stack -Layers in the learning technology ecosystem graph by Fosway Group

“Layers in a Learning Technology Ecosystem” graphic by Fosway Group. Click image to enlarge.

With so many learning technologies available today to address the demands of the learning ecosystem, determining what’s needed to create the most efficient processes for your team and the best experiences for your learners can be difficult.

That’s one reason we love this new visual, “Layers in a Learning Technology Ecosystem,” by Fosway Group, a leading HR Industry Analyst in Europe. In Fosway’s new graphic, core functions in the learning ecosystem as well as the technologies to support them—from learner facing to back-office, and others in between—are clearly defined.

We also love this visual for its inclusion of Training Management (the TMS) as an essential core component of collaborative learning and the learning technology ecosystem, along with Learning Management (the LMS), Learner Experience (the LXP / LEP) and other technologies for Content, Analytics and Delivery. These complimentary systems work together to create a must-have stack of learning tech that can be combined to meet an organization’s specific needs—depending on back-end operational needs, business goals and desired front-end learner experience.

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Managing Training Operations: Training Management Software in the Learning Tech Stack

Let’s focus in on Training Management and the Training Resource Management System’s role. In Fosway’s “Layers in the Learning Tech Ecosystem” graphic, the central functions of Training Management are noted as:

  • Training Resource Management
  • Training Budget Management
  • Training Logistics Optimization
  • Event & Intervention Management
  • Training Financials and Cost Management

Whew! That’s a lot to manage!

It’s no wonder that technology to optimize instructor-led training operations is included as a core learning technology. And, for good reason. There’s a huge amount of back-office effort, and training budget, required in running ILT programs. Worth it? Absolutely! We all know the many benefits of instructor-led training, most notably, that it’s one of the most effective training methods. The questions now become: What can be done to optimize, reduce costs and automate training operations? And, is it possible to actually do MORE ILT… with less?

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The Training Management System: Core Layer in the Learning Technology Ecosystem

Most organizations have the best LMSs for administering and delivering eLearning to their learners. And, to increase engagement and give their learners a superior and more interactive experience, many are now adding the Learning Experience Platform (LXP/LEP) to the front-end of their learning tech stack. These tools both address eLearning. But, when it comes to Instructor-Led Training, there’s a big gap on the back-end that needs to be filled. That’s where Training Management Software comes in.

To take ILT operations to the point where optimization, cost savings and measurable transformation of business results are taking place, a Training Management Software is required…

We find that most organizations are currently managing their ILT operations with Excel, Outlook and sometimes in part with their LMS. But, to take ILT operations to the point where optimization, cost savings and measurable transformation of business results are taking place, a Training Management Software is required, as it offers the depth of features and functionalities to make this happen. The Training Management System complements the LMS, LXP/LEP and other learning technologies to provide a back-end solution, specifically for ILT, in the learning tech stack.

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What’s Next?

A Training Management System like Training Orchestra is a great place to start. For over 15 years, we’ve been helping 600+ organizations worldwide manage their instructor-led training operations and over $5B in training budgets. Training Orchestra can help you optimize classroom training operations by increasing resource use, optimizing session and resource scheduling, controlling costs, and by making the most of time and resources.

In addition to these features, Training Orchestra has easy, out-of-the-box integration with the LMS, as well as quick integration with other HR systems such as the Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP).

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