Simplify workshop management with a streamlined and flexible workshop booking software tailored to your organization’s training needs.

Without the help of a streamlined tool, workshop management is often a difficult task. Between scheduling your in-person and virtual workshops, to booking instructors, and managing many other logistics, XLS and Outlook simply aren’t cutting it. An easier, more efficient workshop management software is right within reach. Training Orchestra’s Workshop Booking Software offers an a highly versatile, timesaving solution designed to consolidate and unify the process of booking and coordinating your training workshop activities. With modern and user-friendly functionalities, you’ll optimize your time and resources for all types of classroom and live online or virtual instructor-led training (ILT / vILT) workshops.

With smooth integration with your LMS and other critical technologies, manual processes and disconnected tools are a thing of the past. We’re taking our experience from over 600 satisfied clients worldwide to bring you a top-notch, robust tool like no other. Forget one-size-fits-all workshop management solutions; we have packages designed for any level of needs. Training Orchestra’s Workshop Booking Software can help optimize your instructor utilization, increase productivity, make your workshop scheduling more efficient, and as a result reduce costs for your organization.

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Workshop Management Software: A purpose-driven, dynamic way to book, manage, and deliver your training workshops 

Streamlined and

Automated Communication


All schedules, workshop changes, and any other logistics in a few simple clicks


Seamlessly with your trainers and team members in the same system and skip the back and forth calls and emails


Communication by quickly sending out workshop updates and session information to anyone who needs it


Time by automating administrative processes such as the production of documents, sending invitations, and collaborating on tasks

Conflict-Free Scheduling 

and Calendar Management


Up workshop scheduling  by using a graphical drag-and-drop agenda, instantly updated across all terminals


Conflicts with an intuitive tool that tracks session status, instructors, and resources with custom color codes and live indicators


Smarter schedules with your goals, team, and preferences in mind


Calendars for all types of workshops: live online or virtual, in-person, or any other unique ideas your team has in mind

Greater Visibility and 

Simplified Workshop Administration


Manual work by reviewing and prioritizing all tasks, to-do lists, and deadlines in one versatile solution


Any type of resource (instructors, venues, equipment) and carefully monitor usage rates to make the most of your workshop resources


And customize your calendars, dashboards, and preferences to make the most of a plan tailored to your workflow


Your administrative workload so you can gain back the visibility and control that you need to meet your goals more easily

Extensive Budget Management

and Reporting


Ready-to-go, customized reports for your instructors and team members in minutes 


Your daily operations with your preference while maintaining a consolidated view of your budget in multiple timezones and currencies  


Internal data and results quickly and securely through a unified repository


And improve your budget and performance for all virtual and in-person training workshops 

Why Training Orchestra’s Workshop Booking Software?

Grow and Modernize  

Growth and modernization are at the core: our R&D teams are constantly working on improvements to our solutions so we can help your organization continually meet your goals

Global, Specialized Support 

With offices worldwide, we bring 24/7 worldwide workshop management support with your needs in mind, when your team needs it most

Workshop Management Experience

With over 20 years of experience, we leverage best practices from over 600 customers worldwide with extensive experience managing workshops and other training activities of all levels

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